Mandate Type Management

Integrators will need to be able to identify which Mandate Type that will be presented to the merchants to be accepted as the PayTo Agreement.

Creating Mandate Type

Integrators API Creation will be coming soon....

Merchants can reach out to Ezypay to provide the different Mandate Type they will need to be available for their customer to select on. This will change in the future, where there will be API calls allowing merchant to create their own Mandate Type.


Important Information

Mandate Type is a set of agreement that will be required to be authorised by the customer to routinely debit from their selected payment account.

Retrieving the list of Mandate Type Agreement Details

Integrators can retrieve all mandate type that is available using the "retrieve Mandate List API". Depending on the what mandate type selected, the Mandate Type Id will need to be used to form part of the Ezypay Hosted Payment Page.

Example below will show 2 Mandate Type that can be used when a customer creates a PayTo payment method.

## What is returned on the Mandate Type payload:

idThis is the Mandate Type ID that will be used to identify what mandate type id that will be sent to end customer as part of the approval process.
merchantIdThis the merchant Id that is associated with the mandate Type Id.
purposeCodeDepending on what this Mandate Type Agreement is used for, there will be different unique codes used.

Below are the categories linked to each of the code:

- UTIL Utility Payments such as gas, electricity, water

- LOAN Loan Payments, other than mortgage payments, e.g. student loans

- RETL Retail Payments, including e- commerce and online shopping

- PERS Personal Payments

- OTHR Other Service-related Payments, e.g. gym membership
currencyThe currency the mandate type agreement is agreed. The only currency available is the AUD currency.
paymentAmountTypeDepending on the service/product this mandate type agreement was created for, the below options will be used.

FIXE = Fixed, e.g. Gym membership

BALN = Balloon, e.g. Car loan repayment

VARI = Variable, e.g. Online shopping account
amountThis object will only be used if the "payment amount type" is set to FIXE or BALN.

By default it will be set to null.
maximumPaymentAmountThis can changed, but by default Ezypay will set this to the agreed merchant's maximum per transaction.
paymentFrequencyAt the moment only the "AdHoc" is enabled for all PayTo merchants.

Future options such as the below will be implemented:
WEEK = Weekly (not available yet)
FRTN = Fortnightly (not available yet)
* MNTH = Monthly (not available yet)
descriptionMerchant will be requested to provide Ezypay what each of the Mandate Type Agreement is related too. The description will be used as an identifier to differentiate the different Mandate Type available.

There is a maximum of 140 characters allowed.
defaultIf there was no Mandate Type Id provided as part of the creation of the Hosted Payment Page, the default Mandate Type Id will be used.

There will always only be 1 default Mandate Type Id in a merchant account.

Retrieving a list of Mandate Type available to the merchant.

curl --location --request GET '{{merchantId}}' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{AuthenticationToken}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
        "id": "cabb3f74-5298-11ed-bdc3-0242ac120002",
        "merchantId": "a6a15344-5298-11ed-bdc3-0242ac120002",
        "purposeCode": "OTHR",
        "currency": "AUD",
        "amount": null,
        "maximumPaymentAmount": 100.00,
        "paymentFrequency": "ADHO",
        "paymentAmountType": "VARI",
        "description": "Weekly AUD 100",
        "default": true
        "id": "d151bcbe-5298-11ed-bdc3-0242ac120002",
        "merchantId": "a6a15344-5298-11ed-bdc3-0242ac120002",
        "purposeCode": "OTHR",
        "currency": "AUD",
        "amount": null,
        "maximumPaymentAmount": 1000.00,
        "paymentFrequency": "ADHO",
        "paymentAmountType": "VARI",
        "description": "Monthly AUD 1000",
        "default": false

Include the selected Mandate Type Agreement to the Hosted Payment Page

Include the "mandateTypeId" as part of the Hosted Payment Page to ensure that the correct agreement is send to the end customers.

MandateTypeIdThe agreement that will be push to the customer bank application for approval.

The description and "maximum payment amount" will form part of the Mandate Type details that will be shared to the end customer, for approval.

The link to the Hosted Payment Page:
Create Customer Payment Method

<script type="text/javascript">

$("iframe").attr("src", "" + authenticationTok + "countyCode=AU&mandateTypeId=" + mandateTypeId); 



Important Note

The "mandateTypeId" very important with an integrator wants to use PayTo. What is provided in the "mandateTypeId" will be shown the mandate type details pushed via the banking application used by the end customer.

PayTo Agreement

Once the customer has accepted the Mandate Agreement, the PayTo Agreement will be created and this will be used in all recurring payments that will be collected from the customers payment account.