Mandatory Items Required to Integrate with Ezypay

This document outlines the basic requirements required to integrate with Ezypay. All the listed items are required before the integration is complete.

Detailed below are 9 key items that must be addressed as part of the Ezypay integration process.

  1. Customer Creation: Confirmation and acceptance of Ezypay's Terms and Conditions by the customers.
  2. Customer Creation: Confirmation and acceptance of all Ezypay fees charged to the customers during the customer creation process.
  3. Customer Creation: Ensures all requested payment methods are available for each region (i.e. Bank, PayTo, MasterCard, Visa, and Amex)
  4. Webhooks Integration: Allows for an instant update on statuses. (e.g. invoice status, subscription status etc.)
  5. Invoice Management: Displays the invoice status (and failure reason) and the breakdown of Ezypay fees charged for each invoice (before and after an attempted invoice)
  6. Failed payment handling: Any processes for recovering failed transactions.
  7. Reconciliation Process: Matches the funds charged to the customer with those settled by Ezypay.
  8. Refund Process: Processes for handling refunds after disputed payments.
  9. Chargeback Handling: Processes for handling chargebacks and other disputed payments from customers.

Kindly proceed to The Integration Processsection to get started on integrating with Ezypay. The reasons on why the 9 mandatory items will also be discussed.