Our Webhooks

Webhooks can provide immediate notifications for billing outcomes. The use of webhooks is dependent on the needs of your business. Ezypay has webhooks that can send out notifications for certain scenarios. For example: For failed payments or retrieving debits by date.

As the integrator you will need to have each merchant webhook events subscribed as they are onboarded to Ezypay and the Integrators platform.

The list below are the minimum required events that need to be handled by your platform.

Customer RelatedInvoice ManagementSettlement /Reconciliation
1. customer_create
2. customer_update
3. payment_method_linked
4. payment_method_replaced
5. payment_method_valid
6. payment_method_invalid
7. subscription_created
8. subscription_payment_reactivated
9. subscription_payment_stopped
10. invoice_created
11. invoice_paid
12. invoice_past_due
13. credit_note_created
14. credit_note_paid
15. credit_note_failed
16. transaction_settled

Integrators will be required to create a new webhook for each merchant on-boarded. The URL used as the HTTP webhooks listener can be reused if integrators can identify the merchants who should received each event.

Subscribing to the webhook events in the above table to ensure the most up to date events reach the merchant in the quickest time possible.