Reconciliation with Webhook

Using Ezypay's transaction_settled webhook for settlement information

Ezypay sends out TRANSACTION_SETTLED webhooks when funds are settled to the merchants' accounts. Each settled invoice triggers one event. Partners can display this settlement information in their platforms, allowing merchants to reconcile with funds received in their accounts. The table below highlights important fields in these webhook events:

Event fieldsDescription
eventTypeIt must be TRANSACTION_SETTLED, indicating the event is for settling funds.
createdOnThe date the funds were deposited into the merchants' accounts.
merchantIdIndicates which merchant the settlement belongs to.
invoiceIdIndicates which invoice the settlement is for.
transactionAmountThe amount deposited into the merchants' accounts. This is the actual amount received by the merchant after deducting all Ezypay's fees, hence it may differ from the invoice amount.
customerIdIndicates the original customer from whom the funds were received.

For partners that is producing transaction report in your platform, you could consolidate the settlement information into the same report. This would improve the overall user experience of your platform.

Although the invoice transaction has been settled when the TRANSACTION_SETTLED webhook event is delivered to the partners for each invoices, Ezypay's "invoice" status will still remain as "PAID".



Partners must subscribe to the TRANSACTION_SETTLED event during webhook creation to receive this event.