How to use the POSTman collections provided

This document provides instructions on how an integrator can use the requested POSTman collection based on their scenario.


Important Note

  1. To start setting up collection and test the Ezypay API's, integrators will need to request sandbox credentials from Ezypay.

  2. Integrators will need to have sign-off from Ezypay before production credentials are provided.

  3. Any testing in the sandbox environment will not be migrated to the production environment, as both environments are separate.

  4. Certain API endpoints are used to quicken the testing for integrators, and might not be the correct setup in the production environment. For example the "vault" API call where integrators can directly create a payment method using Ezypay's "vault" API. Depending on the compliance logic, the "vault" API might not be applicable to integrators.

1) Setup your POSTman environment

Once the collection environment is downloaded, ensure that it is imported into the POSTman application. Click and complete the required basic information to ensure that the "Headers" to run the selected collection works accordingly.

Setting up your POSTman environment


2) Identify the details that will be used for the collection


"ReferenceNumber" can be used as the merchant's customer unique ID. Integrators will need to replace the "{{referenceCode}}" with the information the integrator will want to add record into Ezypay.


3) Start testing out the collection

Once integrators have setup and added their required information to the respective option, integrators can proceed to test the API runs.

Useful Links

Descriptionwrite-up location
## API Reference Guides:
Write-up on the different information that can be provided by integrators to be added into Ezypay's record.

Example the customer number from the integrator, added using the "reference number"
## Integration Reference Guides:
Write-up providing integrators with examples on how and why certain APIs are required.