Customers are profiles containing all information about a person billed by Ezypay. Everything from basic contact details, payment methods, subscriptions, invoices and transactions are all linked and held together by the Customer object.

Ezypay allows every customer to have multiple payment method tokens. The first payment token linked to the customer will be treated as the primary.

Allowing for more than one payment methods for each customer is the best practice for payment flexibility. This will mean the integrator will need store these payment methods. Having multiple payment methods allows the merchant to select and specify a different payment method for collection. This will result in better collection rates.

Each time a payment method is linked to the customer, Ezypay will send a “Payment method created” email notification to the customer as well as a webhook event indicating that the payment method was linked.

Create a customer

Customer can be created (API) first without subscription or payment method assigned. However, you cannot create subscriptions until you have created customers. The payment method token can be created separately and later assigned to a customer. To create a simple customer profile, only the following fields are required:

First NameCustomer's first name
Last NameCustomer's last name
EmailCustomer's email address

Additional details can be added later to the customer profile by updating the customer (API). This allows you to quickly create customers in your database using partial details without needing to have their subscription or payment method information.

Update a customer

After creating a customer, you can update customer details (API) at a later time. For example, you can build the customer profile to include the customer's address, contact information, and your own unique identifier for the customer.

View all customers

You can view a list of customers (API) while filtering your results according to information such as customer ID or personal details. You can also limit the numer of results.