Advanced Settlement and Money Movement

What is Advanced Settlement and Money Movement

Ezypay has the capability to move money from one merchant's wallet to another. With this flexible distribution of funds it means that Ezypay can deduct fee revenue and third-party payments with optional fee deductions from pre-settlement funds, offering the flexibility to ensure that important business payments are processed in a timely manner to any number of recipients. This is to simplify money movement with an automated flat rate, percentage based, or customer-based settlement splits.

It simply means that Ezypay will be able to help you move money between other merchant accounts for things like marketing fees, royalty fees, equipment leasing fees, fee revenue share, etc.

Instead of having to set up customer accounts and invoices to charge the merchants for these payments. These required payments are set up so that they are deducted seamlessly from a merchant's wallet before their settlement cycle. These advanced settlement transactions will also be listed in the merchant's settlement report.

How to Set Up Advanced Settlement

This is when the integrated partner controls the money movement between wallets through the use of the Partner invoice API.
Details on how to create Partner Invoice can be found here

Below are some diagrams to illustrate the advanced settlement capabilities that Ezypay through the use of partner invoices:


Diagram 1: This shows advanced settlement using Partner Invoice from a single merchant wallet, then being distributed to multiple businesses.


Diagram 2: This shows advanced settlement from multiple merchant wallets using Partner Invoice, then being distributed to multiple businesses.