Process Flow on how Settlement Works

Settlement is the process when Ezypay distributes funds into the merchant's bank account. Settlement frequencies can be scheduled for weekly and monthly.

Settlement includes all successful payments collected, and less any fees required to be deducted within the billing cycle. Along with each settlement a settlement report will also be created.

Ezypay provides an API to retrieve a settlement report (csv and pdf) which details all the debits and credit transactions for a specific settlement period. It also contains the settlement status of payment collections from customers. It also includes (if any) deductions made such as fees, splits and adjustments.

Below is a basic diagram and process flow on how settlement works:

Alt text

Viewing and retrieving settlements

You can retrieve a list of settlements (API), which will display full settlement details such as:

  • The date the settlement was made
  • The current status of the settlement
  • Amount settled to merchant including total revenue and deductions
  • Merchant bank account details

You can also filter your results according to a date range.

How-To Guide: Settlement Reports

Steps to generate the Settlement Report:

StepsAPI Endpoints
1) Get the Settlement Id[GET]
Ezypay Doc:
2) Create Settlement File Id[POST]{{SettlementId}}/file

Request Body (PDF file):
“documentType”: “summary_report”

Request Body (CSV file):
“documentType”: “detail_report”
3) Get URL to download the Settlement Report[GET]{{SettlementFileId}}



Ezypay's settlement report can be generated manually using the API calls above, or Ezypay can automatically send the settlement reports to each merchant. Ezypay will require the merchant to provide a legitimate email address which will be configured to received the settlement report automatically, once the settlement run is completed.