Immediate Online Payment Recovery (PayNow)

PayNow is an webpage hosted by Ezypay and allows customers to immediately pay their debt similarly to a checkout page. Some key advantage of using PayNow is as follow:

  1. List all applicable payment methods for easy reuse.
  2. Allows customer to use new payment method
  3. Allows customer to replace their primary / default payment method registered with Ezypay.
  4. Shows the amount due including Ezypay's fees

If it is a Hard Failure, customer must choose a different payment method or enter new payment method.



If the customer has elected to replace their payment method at this point, then all future payments for this customer will be updated to be processed from this new payment method.

PayNow only supports cards payment because an immediate response is required in this scenario.

A Pay Now link can be presented to customers in few different ways discussed below:

1. Include it in the failed payment communications to customer

As previously discussed, there must be a way to inform customers when payment fails. Therefore, we could simply include the PayNow link in the communications. If merchants are using Ezypay email notification service, the PayNow link is included in the email body as per example below:

For partners that is sending out their own communications to customer, PayNow link is available as payNowUrl from payload below:

  1. invoice_past_due webhook event.
  2. Retrieve Invoice API response
  3. List Invoice API response

After obtaining it, you can style your communication and includes the link for payment recovery.

2. Add a button in your platform that redirect to the PayNow link

Build the functionality in your platform. When customers is viewing on the failed invoice, they can just click on the PayNow link and being redirected to immediate recovery. This is useful if you wish to have all the functionality centralized in your platform and fully control the UI / UX of customer.

What happens when PAYMENT ATTEMPT FAILED via PayNow

  • The customer will receive immediate response whether the payment was successful or failed.
  • If it has failed, the customer can still click on the PayNow link try again.
  • The customer and merchant will NOT be charged an additional failed payment fee if the payment fails via PayNow.
  • However a transaction fee will still be charged for failed payment via PayNow.