Improvements to the Hosted Payment Page

As we know, PayTo is the latest innovation in Australian payments to initiate recurring real-time payments from customers' bank accounts. We have recently integrated this new payment method (PayTo) on our platform. To support this, we have made some changes to how the Hosted Payment Page works.

Visa and Mastercard Changes from 6-Digit BIN to 8 Digit BIN

Credit, debit & prepaid card providers - Visa and Mastercard have mandated to extend their 6-digit Bank Identification Number (BIN) to an 8-digit BIN from April 2022. This means that from 1st April 2022 onwards, any new BINs issued will be an 8-digit BIN. Other card providers are not moving to 8-digit BINs yet.

Scheduled Maintenance Outage - 28th September

We would like to inform you that we will be performing scheduled maintenance to improve the infrastructure and stability of the Ezypay V2 platform. This will result in a 1-hour disrupted service during the following period:


Adding Captcha to the Checkout Page

Release Date18th August 2022
New ChangesFor added security, Ezypay has added captcha functionality as an additional step to the checkout page. Users are now required to perform this additional step before they can submit a payment for processing.

This enhancement is already in place and no changes are required by integrators or merchants.
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Additional Failed Payment Handling Settings for PayNow

We have introduced a product enhancement for users that have Ezypay’s PayNow failed payment notifications enabled. Currently, in the event of a failed payment, Ezypay will send an email to the merchant’s customers regardless of whether it was the first failed payment attempt, or subsequent failed attempts of the same invoice.


Additional Editable Values for Unpaid On-Demand Invoices

Ezypay has recently made some product enhancements to your on-demand invoices that fall under the unpaid status.

18th August 2022 - Scheduled System Maintenance

We would like to inform you that we will be performing maintenance to improve the infrastructure and stability of the Ezypay V2 platform on the 18th August 2022 - 00:00 - 02:00 AEST.


Ability for Partial Refunds

Ezypay has added a new functionality that allows merchants to perform partial refunds against an invoice.
Earlier, a merchant could refund only the full invoice amount or the full amount in individual invoice items. With the addition of this new functionality, a merchant will now have the following options while processing a refund:


New Webhooks and Updated Webhooks

Ezypay has recently added some new webhooks that will help you with subscription and invoice management. Webhooks are key to all our integrations as they provide real-time notifications.


Improvements to Payment Method Management

Ezypay has made some improvements to our APIS and webhook event that will help integrators manage payment methods more effectively.