Ability for Partial Refunds

Ezypay has added a new functionality that allows merchants to perform partial refunds against an invoice.
Earlier, a merchant could refund only the full invoice amount or the full amount in individual invoice items. With the addition of this new functionality, a merchant will now have the following options while processing a refund:


New Webhooks and Updated Webhooks

Ezypay has recently added some new webhooks that will help you with subscription and invoice management. Webhooks are key to all our integrations as they provide real-time notifications.


Improvements to Payment Method Management

Ezypay has made some improvements to our APIS and webhook event that will help integrators manage payment methods more effectively.


Credit Note Webhook Events

This update relates to how our chargebacks webhook event is now handled. A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction with their bank.


Improvements to List Subscription API

Release Date

31st August 2021

Purpose of the New Feature

With the change to the List Subscription API, it will help a merchant with their subscription management. For example:
_Enabling merchant to view a list of subscription by its status. This is useful to follow up on pending (yet to be activated) subscriptions and past due subscriptions.
_Enabling merchant to view a list of subscriptions without a payment method linked to it.

Current Behaviour

The list subscription could only be filtered per customer, and all subscriptions (of all statuses) belonging to the customer would be displayed.

Future behaviour

Merchants can now have the option to filter their customers by status. They also can filter for subscriptions without having to link a payment method.
The merchant can filter the list into the following statuses:

Actions Required

There are no actions required, as a user can still use the existing API as how it is to list subscriptions belonging to a customer by entering the customerId. With the same API users can:
_List all subscriptions belonging to a merchant by a specific subscription status.
_List all subscriptions belonging to a merchant by a specific subscription status and filtering only for those without payment method linked to the subscription.
*List subscriptions belonging to a customer by a specific subscription status.

Link to relevant documentation

System Maintenance on 27th October 2021

We would like to inform you that we will be performing a required upgrade to our Sandbox environment, which will result in a 1-hour disruption of services within the Sandbox environment only:


Ability to Edit Subsciptions

Ezypay would like to introduce two new features to make it easier to change customer subscriptions.


Improvements to the Checkout Page

Ezypay has made 3 improvements to increase the security of our checkout page. See below for a more detailed explanation on what these improvements are.


Modifications to the Settlement Tax Invoice

Ezypay has redesigned the existing Settlement Tax Invoice. These changes ensure that Ezypay's Settlement Tax Invoice is compliant across each of the countries in which we operate, along with offering an improved design for auditing purposes.


Maximum Debit Value On Invoices

This change is an important part of Ezypay's overall Fraud & Compliance activities. Previously, we relied upon transaction monitoring to alert us to transactions above the allowed limits (after the fact). Given the evolving complexities and volume of the transactions on our platform, it is critical we prevent these transactions from occurring.