Creating Plans for Subscription Model

This option is used only for integration partners using the subscription model

What Are Plans?

Merchants can create plans with different billing cycles and pricing tiers to accommodate all of their products and services. A plan is a mandatory component for this part of the integration, because all customers created will need to have a plan linked to their record with the associated "plan id".

A plan is a template containing subscription billing details such as:

  • Amount (How much to bill)
  • Frequency (How often to bill)
  • Start Date (When to commence billing)
  • End Date (When to cease billing)


A merchant can have as many plans against their business as they require, but as a minimum at least one plan is required in their set up

Although the subscription billing details are established when the plan was created. The specific details of these fields can still be overruled on the subscription level and this will not impact the plan or other subscriptions that are on the same plan.

1. Creating a Plan
Ezypay offers comprehensive capabilities for creating your custom plans (API). Below are some billing scenarios that can be made against a plan:

Fixed Recurring BIllingOne-off Single Payment
Keep billing the customer until you or the customer cancels the subscription.

Set how often and how much the customer will be billed.

Set up scheduling instructions that define custom billing start and ending requirements.

Start billing
Billing cycle can start on a preferred day such as every Wednesday.
Billing cycle can start on a preferred day in the month such as every 15th.

End billing
Billing cycle can end on a preferred date, when a specific amount is collected or a specific number of billing cycles has passed.

First billing
The amount to be paid is auto-calculated on a pro-rate basis for the first billing.
You can opt out of pro-rate by specifying your own amount to be charged for the first billing.
* You can offer free subscription for the first billing by setting the firstBillingAmount to 0.
Billing the customer as a one-off payment without ongoing subscription.

2. Setup Payment
You can create plans that have a one-off payment for customers, such as joining fee , starter kit charges or even sign up charges. The setup payment is automatically charged with the first invoice of a subscription's billing cycle. If you do not want to charge any setup payment, you can set this value to zero (0).

3. Deactivating a Plan
Plans have an active and inactive status that can be changed depending on your needs. You can set a plan to active to allow customers to subscribe to it as soon as it is created. Or you can set a plan to inactive if the plan is no longer in use or you do not want any customer to be able to subscribe to it. The inactive status allows you to create draft plans that you can hide from customers.