Update Subscription Options

There are currently 2 options that can be used to update Ezypay's Subscription.

1. Update Future Invoice

Update Future Invoice can be used to adjust payments being charged to the customer. Future invoices are virtual invoices before they are created in Ezypay's payment process. This means for all invoices with a date larger than today, the API would allow the modification on the:
a) Invoice items.
b) CycleStartDate (Must be the date the billing was supposed to be attempted).
c) Date (This is the New Billing Date. The New date must be within the CycleStartDate and CycleEndDate). Format yyyy-mm-dd


Change Future Invoice


2. Cancel and Re-create a New Subscription

The Cancel Subscription feature is used to stop any schedule for a customer. A new subscription will need to be created once a subscription has been cancelled.


Change Subscription Details