Edit Subscription Based on Specific Options

Editing TAC Amount for a Subscription:

Integrators will be able to edit TAC subscription with the below conditions:

Available Parameters:Description:
accountingCode:Integrators will be able to edit the accountingCode. This allows Integrators to update a useful indicator that the subscription was modified.

"single_payment" to "single_payment_one"
amount:Integrators will be able to change the re-occurring payment amount when required.

Changes will immediately be updated as soon as the edit is requested.

Changing re-occurring payment from AUD 50 to AUD 80 a week.

The next invoice generated will be for AUD 80.

Changes to the amount will impact how many remaining invoices to be collected (will also be dependent on what the "billingEndValue" is set.
billingEndValue:Integrators will be able to change the "billingEndValue" for an existing subscription.

"billingEnd" must be configured to "amount_collected" for this feature to be available.

"billingEndValue" from AUD 1000 to "billingEndvalue" for AUD 1500.

billingEndValue cannot be less than what has been collected.

Please proceed to the API Reference Document for more information. Link here



More options to edit a subscription will be available in the coming months.