Failed Payments

Ezypay are ready to help when the customer payment fails and it is denotes as past_due in the invoice status. The first step is to inform customers of the failed payment through email or in-app notifications. Recommended items to include in the notification:

  1. Reason for the failure
  2. Amount due
  3. Details of any retry attempts



Most failures occur due to insufficient funds. Informing customers about this reason increases our chances of recovering the funds.

Ezypay offers automatic email notifications to inform customers of failed payments. Merchants have the option to enable or disable this functionality.

Failed payments can occur for various reasons, which are provided by the banking institution to Ezypay during payment processing. You can review the full list of failed payment responses to understanding the payload returned by Ezypay when a payment fails.

To maximize recovery of failed payments, Ezypay provides two options and recommends partners include both in their platform:

  1. Retry for collection on failed invoices.
  2. Immediate Online Payment Recovery (PayNow)

Partners should take note that approaches for handling Hard Failure and Soft Failure is slightly different and we will guide you through in the latter sections.



Any successful recollection on a failed invoice will be charged with fail payment fees.

As part of the integration process, all integrators must complete the mandatory items listed below:

Mandatory Items
1. Integrators must be able to show clearly why the payment failed, using the information provided by either the "invoice_past_due" webhook event or using Ezypay's "GET Invoice" API. The failedPaymentReason will provide clarity as to why the payment failed.
2. Integrator must be able to handle hard failures, by replacing the faulty payment method token with a valid payment method token, using our Replace payment method API.
3. Integrator must have the ability to allow the merchant or customer to retry the invoice.

Below is a simple process flow:




A failed payment can occur 1 to 3 days after the debit request due to delays on the payment processor's side (e.g., Bank Direct Debit).

Being informed when payments fail is important, and Ezypay provide webhooks to notify you when this occurs. Please set up your webhook for the following events to handle failed payments:

  • invoice_past_due
  • payment_method_invalid