Sandbox Access

The sandbox environment is a replica of our live environment. It allows integrators to explore and test before switching to our Live environment. The sandbox environment is configured to run mock billing everyday to stimulate payment statues/updates.

To get started, the following details (URLs) are required, along with the credentials sent to your nominated email address by our Implementation Team.

To request access to our sandbox environment, please contact us at [email protected].

Once the integration is completed, Ezypay's Implementations Team will provide production credentials along with the production URL details.

Everything tested on the sandbox environment will NOT:
a) impact any data once production details are provided.
b) charge any transaction fees when testing an invoice creation.
c) have any automated notifications sent by Ezypay to customers or merchants. (E.g. payment method creation, failed payment notification, auto settlement report).



Sandbox access will be monitored regularly, and all inactive accounts (no activity detected against account) will be disabled after 8 weeks from last activity.

If you require an extension to this 8 week period or if you require access to our sandbox account again, please reach out to Ezypay.


OAuth 2 Primer

A good primer for OAuth 2 can be found here :