Resolving Failed Invoice

Resolving a failed invoice is to bring an end to the invoice after exhausted all the retry attempts and still unable to collect via Ezypay. One of the most important reason for doing so is to disable the PayNow link to avoid any potential double invoice by customer. There are 2 way to resolve a failed invoice:

This option indicating merchants does not wish to collect for this invoice anymore. The failed invoice would be marked as cancelled or removed against the customer's account in your platform. Invoice status is updated to WRITTEN_OFF after the action.

This option means merchants had collected the money via any other methods other than Ezypay, usually by cash over the counter. Since money is actually collected by other means, it is important to update Ezypay invoice with the action. Invoice status is updated to PAID after the action.



Both actions above will reallocate the customer paid Ezypay's fees to the merchants and deducted during upcoming settlement.