Primary Payment Method

Setting up a primary payment method for customers

The primary payment method can be used to specify the customer's preferred payment method. This is useful as customers can have multiple payment methods assigned to them. The primary payment method for a customer is set when a payment method token is linked to a customer. If the customer has no existing payment method specified, then the new payment method linked will become the primary payment method by default. The primary payment method is useful in speeding up the customer's payment process. For example, with a preferred payment method stored, you can reduce the need for existing customers to re-enter their payment method details every time they purchase something from your app.

Set Primary Payment Method

The primary payment method can be changed by calling the Update primary payment method (API). If the customer has multiple payment methods, they can specify the primary payment method by setting the primary flag to true.

For example, your app allows the customer to enter multiple payment methods. You can include a checkbox beside each payment method for the customer to choose which will be their preferred payment method.


Get Primary Payment Method

Returns the primary payment method and ideally used to speed up the customer's payment process. For example, your app has a section where customer's enter their payment information. In this scenario, this is an existing customer and you already have their payment methods displayed in a drop down list. Using the Retrieve Primary Payment Method (API), you can improve user experience by showing their preferred payment method at the top of the list by default.


Additionally, use this API to enable one-touch payments. For example, you can create an app wherein the customer can click a single button to immediately purchase a product, without requiring any additional steps to input the customer's payment method details because their preferred payment method information is automatically provided.


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