Korean Hosted Payment Page (KHPP)

This hosted payment page is used for the creation of payment methods for South Korea only

The Difference Between the Hosted Payment Page & the Korean Hosted Payment Page

Ezypay has built a new new hosted payment page - Korean Hosted Payment Page (KHPP) to cater for Korean payment methods. If a merchant requires collection from payment methods in Korea, then this Korean Hosted Payment Page (KHPP) can be used as part of the integration.

The existing Hosted Payment Page (HPP) supports the creation of payment methods for all countries except South Korea. Generally the integration for the existing Hosted Payment Page (HPP) will be like the diagram below:


Current Hosted Payment Page Flow

The main difference between the 2 hosted payment pages are:

  1. Getting to the hosted payment page is via a redirect, rather than via an embedded iframe.
  2. Slight differences between the input and output parameters.
  3. Returning to your web application from the Korean hosted payment page will be via a redirect back, instead of just a data field being available in your page’s DOM.


If you require information on the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) for other countries, the details can be found in this section.

The Korean Hosted Payment Page (KHPP)

Below is a process flow on how the Korean Hosted Payment Page will work:


Process flow of the KHPP

*Input Parameters

ParameterDescriptionTypeAllowed ValuesRequired
tokenEzypay’s auth token (with hosted_payment scope).StringN/AYes
successUrlThe URL to redirect to once an outcome is reached. We will redirect to this URL regardless of whether we have successfully / unsuccessfully created a payment method token.String - URLN/AYes
cancelUrlThe URL to redirect to if the user clicks on the ‘Cancel’ button. A payment method token would not have been created.String - URLN/AYes
merchantThe name of the merchant, to be displayed in the KHPP.StringN/AYes

Output Parameters

paymentMethodTokenThe newly created payment method token, if successfully created.UUID538d8e17-eda3-4227-b129-f6d3e2916fe2
errorCodeThe error code provided from the HPP process if the status was FAILURE.String(see table below)
errorMessageThe human friendly description of the error code from the HPP process, if the status was FAILURE.String(see table below)
statusThe status of the HPP process, whether it was successful or not.StringSUCCESS / FAILURE

Expected Outcomes of the Korean Hosted Payment Page (KHHP)

If the KHHP successfully creates a payment method token, the KHPP would redirect to the successUrl like so:
redirect to https://integrator.com/result?paymentMethodToken=TOKEN&status=SUCCESS

If the KHHP fails to create a payment method token the KHPP would redirect to the successUrl like so:
redirect to https://integrator.com/result?status=FAILURE&errorCode=invalid_card_number&errorDescription=”Invalid card number provided"

If the user selected the ‘Cancel’ button on the page, the KHPP would redirect to the cancelUrl with no additional parameters. For example, if the cancelUrl was https://integrator.com/cancel, the KHPP would:
redirect to https://integrator.com/cancel

Error Codes/Responses in the Case of Failure

COMMUNICATION_ERRORAn error occurred connecting to our payment provider