Hosted Payment Page and Checkout

Hosted Pages allow you to embed a payment method entry form that's hosted by us so that no payment details touch any point in your system and your customer's payment method details get sent directly to us. This helps limit the scope of PCI compliance you might need to comply with.

Currently there are two types of Hosted Pages provided by Ezypay:

Ezypay Hosted Payment PageIts a payment method creation form which allows customers to enter their preferred payment method option, while removing any touch points in your system.

Integrators would still need to create the action button to direct the information entered in the hosted payment page form back to Ezypay.

Ezypay Checkout PageIts a one off payment collection page. Allow first time customer as well as existing customers to have their payment processed through an online signup form.

The checkout page provides an instant response, and only accepts Credit Card transactions.