Create an invoice

Create an ad-hoc invoice to bill a customer on an on-demand basis. Invoices created from this end point are not associated to any subscriptions.

If the "paymentMethodToken" is not provided, the "primary" payment method token will be used as the payment token for the created invoice.

The response status when the create invoice API is used:
a) With a future "scheduledPaymentDate": status will return as "UNPAID".
b) With no "scheduledPaymentDate": status will return as "PROCESSING".

More than 1 item can be created in an invoice. The guide to this can be view in the link below:

Please be aware that special characters like "&" should not be used when creating the request body for the API. Especially the "accountingCode" parameter. Integrator are advised to use "_" to replace " " (blank spaces).

Depending on the payment type available to different regions, the processing time for the invoice will defer.