The list of APIs listed in this section will provide you with what is required for our first scenario of the integration process: Create Customer

In order to successfully create a customer, the 3 steps listed below are required:

  1. Create Customer
  2. Create Payment Method
  3. Link Customer to a Payment Method

Refer to each individual sections in the API reference guide to see what APIs have been listed in order to achieve this.


Helpful Tips:

  • When creating a customer, the email address field is compulsory. It needs to be unique for every customer. The system will not allow for duplicate email addresses.

  • Every customer must have at least 1 payment method linked. If they have multiple payment methods, all the payment methods stored against the customer cannot be deleted. The primary payment method will always remain.

  • Asynchronous calls have timed interval settings. It is required to wait 1-2 seconds before firing the post API in order to add a payment method to a customer.