Modifications to the Settlement Tax Invoice

Ezypay has redesigned the existing Settlement Tax Invoice. These changes ensure that Ezypay's Settlement Tax Invoice is compliant across each of the countries in which we operate, along with offering an improved design for auditing purposes.


Maximum Debit Value On Invoices

This change is an important part of Ezypay's overall Fraud & Compliance activities. Previously, we relied upon transaction monitoring to alert us to transactions above the allowed limits (after the fact). Given the evolving complexities and volume of the transactions on our platform, it is critical we prevent these transactions from occurring.


Checkout Page

Ezypay has developed a Checkout Page and its ready for you to implement. This new feature allows merchants to take once-off credit card payments via a unique checkout URL.

System Maintenance on March 3rd

We would like to inform you that we will be performing maintenance to improve the infrastructure and stability of the Ezypay platform.


Changes to how failed payments will be handled

At 12:30 pm AEST ( 2:30pm GMT) Monday January 13th, 2020, we will be updating the mapping of the payment provider responses to our failed payment response codes to provide more detailed and meaningful failed payment reason codes.


Modification to the Create Invoice API

Changes to the 'Create Invoice API'
Ezypay is making changes to the 'Create Invoice API". When creating invoices, you are now required to indicate if the payment is a one-off payment or a recurring payment.


Merchants Transaction List Report

Previously merchants did not have have any form of reports that provided them information on the transactions that had occurred against their accounts to show whether the transactions were successful or if they had failed. Especially in the case of a merchant having insufficient funds for a settlement, as no Settlement Report would be available to them to understand why they had no settlement.


Changes to the Reporting of Customer Paid Fees

Reporting on customer paid fees


Upcoming changes to failed payment mapping for AU and SG

Updated Failed payment mappings


Settlement Report (Removal of Customer Fees)

Removal of Customer Paid Fees in the merchant's settlement report

Ezypay will be removing the reporting of customer paid Ezypay fees from the merchant’s settlement reports (PDF and CSV) and settlement tax invoice (PDF).