Introducing Mastercard network tokenisation in Malaysia & Singapore

We are excited to announce that Ezypay has adopted Mastercard’s tokenised payment security technology in Malaysia & Singapore. This advanced payment technology, Mastercard Digital Enablement Service for Merchants (MDES), replaces a customer’s physical card information, including the card number and expiry date, with an encrypted digital token that is unique and specific to each merchant. The token can be updated by the card issuer, allowing lost, expired, or replaced cards to be automatically updated and processed – greatly improving payment data security and increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Our adoption of MDES ensures that your merchants can continue to collect payments seamlessly and securely. There are no additional steps or actions required by you to enable this technology.

At Ezypay, we are committed to ongoing innovation and providing you with an effortless payment experience that results in increased Collection Rates. With our adoption of the MDES technology, your merchants can continue to focus on growing their businesses while achieving successful payment collection outcomes more consistently. You can read more about this in detail here.