Improvements to the Hosted Payment Page

As we know, PayTo is the latest innovation in Australian payments to initiate recurring real-time payments from customers' bank accounts. We have recently integrated this new payment method (PayTo) on our platform. To support this, we have made some changes to how the Hosted Payment Page works.

If you have enabled PayTo as a payment method option, we have added a new parameter that is now required for the Hosted Payment Page:

* MandateTypeId

The MandateTypeId parameters must be specified in the Hosted Payment Page integration if the merchant is using PayTo as a payment method.

We have also made an update to the existing PaymentMethods parameter. This allows for the PayTo payment method to be displayed on the Hosted Payment Page. You will find this payment method option on the Hosted Payment Page if the merchantId is specified, and if you have enabled PayTo against your Ezypay account.

The PaymentMethods parameter allows you to specify payment method options that you can accept from customers. For example, if you have enabled PayTo against your Ezypay account, but do not yet want it to be displayed as a payment method option for the customer, then you can choose to not specify PayTo in PaymentMethods.

Further details on the Hosted Payment Page can be found here.

Here is an example of what the Hosted Payment Page will look like with PayTo as an additional payment method.

PayTo will apply to Australia only and will not impact your current integration. More details about PayTo can be found here.