Credit Note Webhook Events

This update relates to how our chargebacks webhook event is now handled. A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction with their bank.

Ezypay had made some changes to the way we handle chargeback. When Ezypay receives a customer dispute notification from the bank, the disputed invoice will now be updated to invoice_past_due and credit_note_created immediately, and funds will be deducted from the next available settlement.

If the bank later notifies Ezypay that the customer’s chargeback was unsuccessful, the deducted amount will be credited back to the merchant’s next settlement and the customer’s invoice will be updated to invoice_paid and credit_note_paid

If the customer’s chargeback was successful, then the customer’s invoice will remain as invoice_past_due and with the updated status of credit_note_failed.

As these chargeback invoices are updated by Ezypay, it is important that partners use the following webhook events to update the customer's invoice status so that notifications of the chargeback invoices can be received, the invoice statuses are correctly updated so that merchants are aware of the chargeback outcome for their customers:
• invoice_past_due
• invoice_paid
• credit_note_created
• credit_note_paid
• credit_note_failed

More information on how Ezypay handles chargeback can be found here