Start accepting PayID and PayTo now with Ezypay

Since the launch of PayTo in Australia last year there are over 50 banking institutions that are now live with PayTo processing. Westpac was the latest of the Big 4 banks to enable their customers with PayTo, meaning more Australian accounts can now transact via PayTo.

We have our first Partner integrated and using Ezypay’s PayTo functionality on their platform. And we are also continuing to work with our early adopter partners to enable PayTo on their platforms so they can offer PayTo as a payment method.

A reminder of how PayTo will benefit your customers:

  • PayTo allows real-time bank-to-bank payments through faster processing times and enhanced customer validation to reduce payment risk.
  • PayTo also enables more customer flexibility as it will allow customers to move or update accounts associated to their PayTo debit agreement without having to update these details through your platform or the need to contact the merchant.

To keep up to date on news and events regarding Ezypay and PayTo, please visit our PayTo webpage.

PayIDWe are also excited to announce that we now allow customers to use PayID with PayTo. PayID allows customers to use their linked email or phone number to setup their payment method.

How PayID will benefit your customers:

  • Using PayID instead of an account number is not only easier for customers to remember – reducing the risk of entering incorrect bank details, there is also real-time PayID verification.

Technical details on how PayID works with PayTo can be found here.