Additional Failed Payment Handling Settings for PayNow

We have introduced a product enhancement for users that have Ezypay’s PayNow failed payment notifications enabled. Currently, in the event of a failed payment, Ezypay will send an email to the merchant’s customers regardless of whether it was the first failed payment attempt, or subsequent failed attempts of the same invoice.

With this new enhancement, the merchant will have the choice to send their customers a failed payment notification only on the first failed attempt of an invoice, or to maintain the current settings.

By enabling this new feature, the merchant’s customers will not receive further email notifications from Ezypay for the same invoice attempted, even if the invoice fails again after a rebill or manual retry. Merchants can then decide how they want to collect any money owed by the customer when the payment fails for the second time and from further failed attempts. For example, the merchant could collect the money directly from the customer, or they can write-off the failed payment and schedule in for another payment to be debited.

This enhancement applies to both subscription and on-demand invoices.

If your users would like to alter their current PayNow failed payment notification settings to enable this new feature, they will need to contact Ezypay directly.