Additional Editable Values for Unpaid On-Demand Invoices

Ezypay has recently made some product enhancements to your on-demand invoices that fall under the unpaid status.

With these new editable fields, you now have more flexibility on what you can edit against an invoice before a payment is processed.

For example, if you find that the invoice amount in a pending invoice is incorrect, you can now edit the amount without either waiting for the incorrect amount to be processed first, and then having to issue a refund afterwards or charge the customer again for the balance required.

On-Demand invoices with a future scheduled payment date can now have additional values changed before payment is sent for processing. You can now edit the values in four more fields in addition to the three existing ones. The newly added editable fields are:

  • Amount
  • Accounting code
  • External invoice ID
  • Processing model

In addition to the existing editable fields, including:

  • Payment method token
  • Scheduled payment date
  • Description

The technical API reference details can be found here