Option 3: Manual Retry via Ezpay's API

This is a manual collection and is collected upon integrator's request

A manual retry via Ezypay's API is controlled by the integrator and advised by the merchant when the collection of a failed invoice is required. This would be on a case by case basis, so when a customer has a failed invoice, it requires an integrator to send through another request to Ezypay on when they wish for this failed invoice to take place. All future dated invoices will still take place, even though a failed invoice has not been collected.

Other ways to handle a failed invoice with this option:

Leave invoice as failedThis means that no collection is required for this failed invoice, but the invoice will remain as failed.
Manual collection by the merchantThis means that the payment has been collected by the merchant over the counter in cash or through POS.
A payment has been made directly by the customer to merchant.
Write-off failed paymentThis means that the merchant does not want to collect this failed payment, and would like the failed payment status to be removed from the customer's account.


API Integration Documents

For a more detailed explanation on the rebill failed payment recovery option and how this can be configured, please see: