Option 2: Immediate Online Payment for Failed Payments (Pay Now)

This is allows a merchant's customer to make an immediate online payment via the payment link (Pay Now)

If a merchant has elected for the failed payment notifications to be sent by Ezypay, and a customer has a failed payment, the customers will receive an email from Ezypay advising that the payment had failed, on which day, and the total amount outstanding. It will also give the customer the option to make an immediate online payment via the payment link (PayNow). All future dated invoices will still take place, even though a failed invoice has not been collected.

Below is an example of the failed payment email that a customer will receive:


When a customer makes an online payment via the payment link (PayNow), it will give the customer the option to select an existing payment method. A list of valid credit card payment methods that Ezypay has stored against the customer's record will be listed for selection.

The customer will also be given the option to use a new payment method (card only) to pay for the failed invoice if they wish. However if there are no valid payment methods stored against the customer's record, then a customer must enter in a new payment method.

There will be no option to pay for the failed invoice via a bank payment method.

After selecting which payment method a customer wishes to use to pay for their failed invoice, they will also be given the option on what they would like do with this payment method.

The options that will be presented to the customer at this point is dependent on what configuration setting the merchant has selected.

A merchant has the ability to choose what a customer can do with the payment method they had selected for the failed invoice. The available functions to choose from are:

  1. To replace the payment method to the selected card used.
  2. To use the selected card to pay for this failed invoice on.

A merchant can choose to have both of the options enabled or just either one of the above options.


If the customer has elected to update/replace their payment method at this point, then all future payments for this customer will be updated to be processed from this new payment method.

Below is an example of the steps required when a customer makes an online payment.


What happens when PAYMENT ATTEMPT FAILED via the online payment recovery page?

  • The customer will receive immediate response whether the payment was successful or failed.
  • If it has failed, the customer can still click on the Pay Now link in their email and try again with another card.
  • The customer and merchant will NOT be charged an additional failed payment fee if the payment fails via Pay Now.
  • However a transaction fee will still be charged for failed payment via Pay Now.


API Integration Document

For a more detailed explanation on the rebill failed payment recovery option and how this can be configured, please see: