Failed Payment Recovery Options

Options on how to handle failed payments

It is important to understand what happens when a payment fails and what steps are required to help the merchants collect their failed invoices.

This section outlines the failed payment options and what steps are required to achieve this. It provides integrators with different options (can be managed by Ezypay or integrator's end) and how this can be configured into their application.

Listed in the table below are the options:

Failed Payment Collection OptionsManaged By
Automated Rebill Process
(Rebill after X days)
Immediate Online Payment for Failed Payments
Manual retry via Ezypay's API
(generated by integrator or merchant )
Write-Off Failed PaymentIntegrator


The preferred failed payment recovery option that Ezypay would like our integrators to implement would be the Automated Rebill Process and Immediate Online Payment (Pay Now) options.